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Counter Surveillance

Your company’s security and privacy are important, especially in today’s world where sensitive data is so valuable. Counter Surveillance refers to measures taken to prevent surveillance which can lead to data fraud and theft of information. Foley Detective Agency works with a number of high-profile businesses across Ireland to ensure that your company’s data is safe and secure, using sophisticated technology to scan for any devices planted to steal sensitive information or bug your property.
Whether you’re planning an important meeting and want to ensure that your office is secure, or simply want to carry out a full security service after a large information leak from the company, we can help. We offer discreet, professional, and efficient counter surveillance services. Our top-quality services are key to protecting your company from information theft and helping to identify the perpetrators after a data leak. We also work in conjunction with experts in cybersecurity to monitor and counter survey your IT equipment and make sure all is safe, secure, and protected, making it easier to safeguard your information and prevent information leaks.

Why Use Counter Surveillance in Your Company?

Protects Sensitive Information

Protects Company Procedures & Plans

Protects IT and Cyber Infrastructure

Protects Company Data

Stops Data Leaks

Protects Clients & Employees from Malicious Surveillance

Prevents Bugs Being Planted

Prevents Phones from Being Tapped

theft fraud investigations

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Counter Surveillance FAQ

What is counter surveillance?

Counter Surveillence refers to measures being put in place to stop external surveillance of a company or property. This includes installing cameras, checking for bugging equipment, checking cyber security, and more.

How long does it take to perform a bug sweep service?

The time it takes to perform this service varies depending on the size of the building and the reasons for sweeping. Get in touch with Foley Detective agency today for more information on our bug sweeping services.

Can you check to see if phones have been tapped?

Yes, absolutely. We offer a range of counter surveillance services including bug sweeps, phone tapping inspections, hidden camera inspections, security surveillance, and more.

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