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Insurance Investigations

Foley Detective Agency works alongside claims managers, insurance firms, and solicitors to investigate claims of insurance fraud. If you suspect a client of insurance fraud, we can provide a thorough and conscientious investigation to carry out jobs of all sizes. All of our assignments are backed by professional video and photographic evidence, with our team available to attend court, take witness statements, and trace witnesses when necessary.
Over our 20 years in business, we have helped countless companies and insurance firms detect fraudulent claims, offering transparent, professional, and discreet services to help your company save money on insurance fraud of all kinds.

Providing In-Depth Insurance Investigations

Car Insurance Fraud Inspections

Business Insurance Fraud Inspections

Witness Tracing

Photographic & Video Evidence

Offering Inspections of Companies & Individuals

Personal Insurance Fraud Inspections

Home Insurance Fraud Inspections

Home Insurance Fraud Inspections

Evidence of a Standard to Appear in a Court of Law

Insurance Investigations FAQ

What should I do if I suspect someone of insurance fraud?

If you suspect someone is committing insurance fraud, you should report it to the Gardai or their insurance company. An insurance company will then carry out an investigation of the alleged fraud with a company such as Foley Detective Agency.

How much do you insurance investigations cost?

The price of insurance investigations vary depending on the scale of the job. For more information on our pricing, get in touch with the team at Foley Detective Agency today.

What is insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud is an act committed to defraud an insurance process and claim money/compensation that the person in question is not entitled to.

theft fraud investigations

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