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Foley Detective Agency offers Summons Serving Services for customers in Dublin and all across Ireland. Our Summons and Subpoena Serving services include a broad range of services, working with legal firms and individuals to provide a wide range of summons serving from  businesses summonses and witness summonses to matrimonial and domestic summonses.
If you need to have a summons served to someone, we offer a discreet, professional, and reliable service to ensure that your summons is served legally and efficiently.
We also work alongside solicitors, legal authorities, and semi-state bodies to serve subpoenas and summonses to individuals and companies in a professional, reliable, and efficient manner.

Administrative Summonses

Civil Summonses

Criminal Summonses

Administrative Summonses

Witness Summonses

Court Summonses

theft fraud investigations

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Summonses FAQ

Who serves subpoenas?

Subpoenas can be served by a sheriff, solicitor, an administrative assistant, or professional summonses serving service.

What is a subpoena?

A subpoena, or summons, is a legal document issued by the courts to request a party to attend a case. This is a legally binding document.

How much does it cost to get Foley Detective Agency to serve a subpoena to someone?

The price of summons and subpoena serving services varies depending on the scale of the job. Get in touch with our team today for a free quote on our summonses services.

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